What does my ex girlfriend mean when she says I'm not showing her actions? Why do I keep getting ignored?

So me and my ex girlfriend have been broken up for just over a year now. Our relationship was pretty serious. The reason that we broke up was because I hurt her. I was flirting with other females with my buddies. I didn't hook up with anyone. It's still cheating and I know what I did was wrong.

So during the breakup I apologized repeatedly, I begged her, showered her with gifts, flowers etc. Everything I shouldn't do I did. Which only pushed her away. I just was trying to show her how sorry I was, that I made a mistake. So back in January she called me rebound, said she never loved me, that I was the worst boyfriend she ever had. I know none of that is true, but I took her serious and went no contact.

So recently I get a text out of the blue asking me if I was at work. I wasn't but she said she wanted to stop by and say hello. I work nights and this was at like 4:30am on a weekday. We then started texting with her even starting some convos. She was even saying things like hoping I have a good day and hoping I sleep well. We then talk on the phone for the first time in over a year. This convo lasts about 2 hours, with a lot of laughing and flirting. One of things she said in the convo was that she tired of words and needs action. So after this convo I'm back on ignore.

I then decide to ask her out which she declined. I got a little frustrated and asked her why did she try to see me, then text with me and even speak to me on the phone. Only to go back to ignoring me. She says she was just being friendly and that it was a mistake talking to me. She says that our convos won't happen again and told me to take care.

So yesterday I sent her a video of something cool I was doing. Just to see if I would get ignored. She replied and we started to text back and forth for a bit and then she just stopped replying. I just so happened to be near her workplace doing something and when I was done I told her I was in the area and was wondering if I could stop by and say hello. No answer.
What does my ex girlfriend mean when she says I'm not showing her actions? Why do I keep getting ignored?
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