Was everything she said a lie?

I've been on and off with this Mormon girl for several years. After being broken up for a few years we got back together. Since then, she said;
She thought about me often and expected me to call
She hoped we'd reconcile at some point
She'd check my social media to see how I was doing
She'd ask my family to see how I was doing
Her friends saw how happy I made her
She still had feelings for me
She didn't want to lose me again
She loved me
She wanted to make things work
She regretted letting me go
She wanted me to be her first and last everything
She wanted to marry me
That I had become her home
I was her best friend
That she'd try to make it work
She'd marry me when she came back from her mission
Her family knew how important I was
I knew her better than anyone else
I knew her heart

Anyway, we broke up during her mission and when she came back she basically rescinded all that and she didn't love me and moved on...
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Was everything she said a lie?
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