What the hell is wrong with her, she left?

I'm in a relationship with a girl (we're both bi) for a month now. I can't say it's a smooth ride, we fight literally every other day and then we make up and it's all good. The thing is her behaviour has no logic behind it. So today we were texting in the morning to hand out in a coffee place. So I was going to pick her up. And this is how it all went down. I'm texting "I'm on my way." Meanwhile I'm making a quick stop for gas. As I'm on my way my bestfriend is calling me and I'm telling I'm driving, ok she says call me when you make a stop or something. We hang up. Meanwhile my phone was playing a playlist from YouTube, because I got bored of the radio. So I arrive at her neighborhood and park in a spot with shade, because it was freaking hot. So I'm making a quick call to my friend to see if it was an emergency or something. As I'm about to hang up on her I'm starting to write a text to my girlfriend saying I'm here, BUT I see her coming. So I don't send the text ! Obviously!! At this moment, I've ended my call, I'm not texting with anyone and my phone is just on the youtube playlist but on pause. So when she's getting closer, I'm like "Hey there pretty lady" bubbly and all (note English is not my mother tongue). I can see she's in a bad mood. She's saying, how long have you been here?
I arrived like 2 minutes before.
Then why are you parked there?
I was just making a quick call to S because she called me earlier.
What's wrong? Are you ok?
I'm cool
But I can see something is up
I'm fine
You were listening to YouTube?
Oh yeah while on my way
Ok and you couldn't text me to come down
I saw you coming and I didn't text you
Ok , do you even wanna go out?
Yeah of course I want (saying while getting in the car)
Oh okay cool, whatever bye (saying while turning her BACK AMD LEAVING)
What the hell?
what happened? Where are you going? Are you for real?
No response
Oookayyyy then fine. Bye.
4 mo
I left , I called her while I stopped at the side of the road, she didn't pick up, I texted her that I called once , I'm not gonna do it twice, you chose now your next move because this behaviour doesn't work on me. I'm now home it's been two hours, she has yet to respond. WHAT THE FUCK?
4 mo
AND to think that I left the playlist on pause to continue it, because yesterday I found a song I was sure she was gonna like, and thought it would be nice to hear it on our way to the coffee place!!
What the hell is wrong with her, she left?
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