Feeling hurt and angry?

I still love my ex girlfriend. It's been four months and she already moved on. This really affected me and now I've become really hurt and angry. We were talking up until this new guy came and now she's completely ignored me. I bumped into her and she blanked me. She's posting all over social media so happy. I told her I want her to be happy,,, she never wished me happiness. We are still in a group chat and they have arranged a meal out, I felt left out. I just replied, 'enjoy everyone"
i learnt about this new guy and got very jealous. It's not normally me but I felt another me huge blow and now I've lost her forever. I liked a few depressing quotes in social media which I now regret. And a few statuses that are now deleted and I've kept quiet. I hope she doesn't hate me or thinks I'm a bitter ex it's just the fact I still love her and this hurts so much to see her move on so easily.
I do know why I still love her, everyone keeps saying because of the way I was treated towards the end, but I can't stop it.
what can I do? I'm keeping busy, doing new things, working etc but it doesn't help.
Feeling hurt and angry?
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