How do men stay with women who cheat on them?

I feel like men and women cheat for different reasons and it’s more detrimental when a woman cheats although men who cheat are just as much as scumbags.

But the rest of the time that you’re together with them, you will feel like a bitch. You’ll feel like a cuck. Everyone will subconsciously be a threat. Your woman will lose even more respect for you and will be even more tempted to stray again. You’ll imagine her getting dick downed by this other man every time you fuck her. You’ll wonder what he had that’s better all the time. In the back of your head, you’ll feel like more and more of a bitch everyday for staying with her. It will eat at your self esteem and confidence staying with them everyday.

How the fuck would a man do this? I got cheated on before and she chose another girl to cheat with, but I still immediately said fuck that and packed me shit and walked. Never looked back. Wouldn’t want to live my life like that.
How do men stay with women who cheat on them?
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