How to talk to my ex and see if I can get him back?

I Hurt him like hell saying that i was confused about his friend because he was taking care of me more than he did, so i told him and explained that it was because of his friend's attitudes, but he didn't understand and 3 days after, when he got back of his grandma's house (we couldnt talk because he doesn't have Internet over there) i reached him and he said that he talked with his grandma and she made him understand a lot of stuff and that he doesn't feel love for me anymore. The day after that, i tried to fix things, and he sent a text practically breaking up with me (after almost 2 years of relationship) then i couldnt stand that feeling and went to his house, but he didn't want to talk to me and sent his mother to be with me (she said that he was hurt and confused) while he called my parents bc he wanted them to take me to my house. After that, he blocked me everywhere but then unblocked me on WhatsApp and wrote that he cares about me, but i answered that we weren't in the right time to decide what to do or what we felt and blocked him. This is just a resume, a lot before happened, but i dont understand how he could say one thing and act like another. We had a lot of fights before but he always tried to fix things. His best friend talked to him and he told her that our break up is forever with his broken voice and totally refused to talk to me. I asked for advice and decided to wait two or three more weeks and ask him to talk bc i need to be in peace. We are both 17. I know i've made a mistake but i was changing and he said that i wasn't. I hurt him like a lot (and he hurt me too) and now i dont know what else to do. I respect his space and privacy but i dont want to be his ex.. I just want to talk and see what happens a few months after bc he was a very important part of my life and i miss him every day. He told his friends that he doesn't want to be an ass for leaving me and that he accepted the fact that "he couldn't make me happy anymore" What should i do?
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How to talk to my ex and see if I can get him back?
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