What is going on with her and why is she doing this?

I'm wondering about my ex here. We split up over 6 weeks ago now and we've been talking for the last 2 weeks. I don't initiate contact, she is always the one that sends me a message 1st. I've told her that i want to get back together and rebuild our relationship. She doesn't want to at the 'moment'.

The reason for the split is because we argued a lot and we needed time apart. She has said to me that she doesn't want a relationship right now as she needs time to herself. Ok, I'm fine with that. I've never reached out, begged, pleaded for her to come back to me. I don't act needy at all. We've spoke over video chat and have met up face to face. All this is her idea. I've been positive, upbeat and happy when we've spoken.

We last spoke on 18/06. Today I've been busy and my phone has been blowing up since 12pm. She is sending me messages, calling me, but i've been busy with friends and family today. She was bit annoyed that i didn't pick up. I sent her a message saying i'm with friends at the moment and i'll call her later.

She has said this thing several times to me now about a woman i used to like 6 years ago about her maybe being there and we might get together. I've got no interest with this other woman she is going on about. I don't find her attractive now as people change over time and 6yrs is a long time. Not only that i'm just out of a relationship that I loved and would like to rekindle it.

2 things i'd like to ask here.1st: Why is she reaching out all the time when it's her, that doesn't want the relationship? 2nd: Why is she going on about me getting together with a woman i USED to like 6 years ago. Any idea what is going on with her? Remember, I do not contact her 1st it is all her contacting me.
What is going on with her and why is she doing this?
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