Would have been best to keep quiet?

I was seeing a guy for a few months and recently found out he has a girlfriend. I found her on social media and a video of them together acting like a couple. Judging from her timeline he got her pregnant at some point but she lost her baby.

I told him I found out about his girlfriend and to make it believable I stated her name. Mind you I ended things via text and then blocked him. He tried calling me a few times and from a different number. He ended up leaving me a voice message and boy was he angry. But he denied everything. He told me to call him because sending the text was childish according to him.

I know its crazy but he has me doubting myself. Was it wrong to text him instead of calling? Should I have broken up with him by phone? I didn't call because he's really good at gaslighting and I wanted to avoid that yet he still made me feel like what I did was wrong.

This has to be at least the 3rd or 4th time I've tried getting away from him but let myself be pulled back in. He has a way of twisting things around and I would find myself believing him or confused. Hopefully I'll stick to my guns this time.

Lastly, I think he might be narcissistic or sociopathic. He was really angry with me this time. Should I be concerned? I've heard of narcissist rage.

Then again he has a girlfriend that's younger than me and pretty. Though I'm not bad either. What I don't get with him is why he has been so driven to keep me as a side piece considering what I could tell his girlfriend seems interesting... she's part nightlife and works in the clubs as a bartender but a teacher during the day.. so I don't get why he's not happy with her.
Would have been best to keep quiet?
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