Was the the prayer being fulfilled?

Back in 2015, my girlfriend of two years and I broke up and it was extremely difficult and hard. She was downright cruel during the breakup and she said she never wanted me in her life again.
That night, I made a mistake, and had sex with a coworker of mine. Although the sex was wonderful, it was also me losing my virginity. But I did it without protection. That weekend was my favorite driver, Jeff Gordon's final Nascar race.
I prayed and asked for the girl to not be pregnant and for Jeff to lose the championship and my ex to be gone forever since they were the two most important things to me at that time.
He lost the race. She didn't get pregnant. I didn't hear from my ex.
But 7 months later, my ex reached out to me and we got back together within a week. We dated for 8 months before she left in her mission.
She had the values of her church pushed on her and she kicked me out of her life again and when she came back delivered an even worse and devastating break up to me yet again. Now it's been 9 months and she's engaged already.

Is this the prayer being fulfilled? Being tempted with someone I couldn't be with and taken away?
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Was the the prayer being fulfilled?
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