Is he seriously mad because I am on facebook?

My husband and I have been on and off for a year while not living together, recently I said I don’t want to do this anymore and want to divorce. He still tries, but no. He was very verbally abusive and manipulative.

He had been all loving trying to get back to me, sometimes threatening me, right now loving, I don’t talk with him, but at least when he is like this he doesn’t talk bad or threathen me and it is like a break for me. It is impossible for me to avoid him 100 % as we have kids.

But so today he figured I am on facebook again and he sent a text about it, you are back on facebook, screenshot of my profile, I see you are not a (his last name anymore), and I see what you are doing.

I don’t know if he will start a new fight and I kinda fear it because of his visitation with the kids.

Should I just ignore and is he really mad that I am on facebook?

My facebook is very private. You can only see the profile picture which is my upper body/face, but not click on it and view comments unless you are friends with me, a cover picture that is just a landscape and my name which is my first name and the initials of my last name.
Is he seriously mad because I am on facebook?
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