Guys, Why would ex boyfriend sleep with someone just hours after we broke up?

I'm 35. He's 37. We've been together 1 1/2 years. He never told me he loved me, but said he couldn't because of his ex-wife. He showed me he loved me all the time though, and we never argued. Things were great. We live 2 hours apart so only got to see each other on the weekends, but it was every weekend.

About a month ago, he started acting distant. Two weeks ago, he cheated on me with his neighbor. She's going through divorce and her kids play with his. He apologized and we decided we wanted to try to work it out. Spent the following weekend together, but he was so distant. We had sex that Friday night, but nothing after that. I even went down on him 3 more times trying, and got nothing (we only saw each other on the weekends, so we were like jack rabbits). We talked before we left and he said it wasn't me at all and he did want to be with me.

Things were fine during the week with our phone conversations. Went to his house this past weekend and he seemed even more distant. The neighbor never showed her face, even though the kids were playing together. We again had sex Friday night, but he didn't seem in it at all. Things were worse Saturday morning. I decided I couldn't be treated like this, like he didn't want me. He swore it wasn't me and I was a good woman that deserves better. I told him it wasn't even about him cheating, but the way he's treated me since then. We broke up. We both cried (I've never seen him cry) and even kissed goodbye. I find out later that evening that he slept with her that same afternoon just hours after I left. Why would he do that? Was he trying to get me to leave so he could be with her and his tears were a show, or was he hurt and she was a distraction? Did he care for me at all? Will he wake up and realize he misses me? Please help!

Keep in mind all of this was a surprise to everyone, even his mother. No one saw us even breaking up, much less him doing what he's done the last month. We were so happy and he said I made him happy.
Guys, Why would ex boyfriend sleep with someone just hours after we broke up?
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