Was divorce after 1 year of marriage a good idea?

To me, my story seems like yes leave him, but sometimes I think we just had a lot going on, once we separated he changed and I changed, but I doubted that we would stay changed together, so I never went back to him.

My now ex husband and I had been together almost 5 years, married for 1. Our relationship from the beginning was a shit show. He had been going through a divorce and dragged me through it, and not nicely. It caused me to be emotionally separated from him... and all his attempts to get close again backfired as he would revert back to his old habits and go back on his promises. So I cheated on him early into our relationship, a year, and he found out. I tried moving out because I didn't want to be with him anymore I was miserable and obviously because I knew he wouldn't (shouldnt) forgive me for cheating. Yet he talked me back into being with him, and for 2 years he disguised his hatred for me... until one day we got into a fight about it and he hit me across the face. And it wasn't an isolated incident. There had been another time when we first were dating that he grabbed my leg so hard he left bruises. And the way he handled it after was AWFUL. He said it was justified because of what I had done, and that he hadn't hit me "that hard". Still to this day he says that. He says that my actions turned him into an asshole... and yes I stupidly still ended up marrying him. But after a year of misery where I felt like the town whore with the A on her chest I'd had enough. He kept saying he was fine and all was forgiven but he would always bring it up in fights. There was more, we started doing pills and partying so the money spent faster and I was the one organizing the paying of all bills, doing the housework, working full time, trying to get back in the gym and he just went to work then would sit on
the couch and drink. And subtlety blame me that we had no money even though it was obvious what we were spending it on.
Was divorce after 1 year of marriage a good idea?
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