Boyfriend's Abusive Mom Demands Our Entire Paycheck For Selfish Means?

Ok so it all started after my boyfriend got in a car wreck trying to have us visov his mom in Idaho.

It was my boyfriend's fault as he refused to fix his brakes and they gave out on the freeway while it was raining.

We then got the car tolled and worst of all he went into negative on trip since he wanted to drive instead of fly and my money was down to $50 because I had to pay $400 of my entire last
paycheck to pay for gas.

So we ended up turning our visit into a two month stay. Everyday she'd demand we get job while my boyfriend spent 24/7 in her basement playing GTA and other video games all day until 2AM.

Worst of all she didn't care if he worked and daily demanded that I give all my money in my bank to he broke a** who's struggling with bills but buys a TV and $300 pool the next day.

I of course refuse and pretend that my card is expired. The good thing for me is therest no Bank of America in the part of Idaho were in and shess not very tec-smart about atm withdrawal but all her screaming at me and curdicu me really got to me especially her calling me lazy even though I applied everyday.

Eventually I got a job for 11/he which pays every week along with my useless boyfriend. She applied two to get a second job.

I made an entire budget to save to move out ASAP with or without my boyfriend who let his own mother curse me his own finance out. His mom is toxic and controlling but I'm sure once I get paid she'll only see me as an atm and demand my full salary.

My boyfriend could careless as he just eats, sleeps, poops, pees and plays videogames.

If I date again I'm never going to make this same mistake ever again.

Do you have any advice on housing or credit cards. I'm 20 , never had credit and desperately wanting to escape this vile woman.
Boyfriend's Abusive Mom Demands Our Entire Paycheck For Selfish Means?
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