She cheated... how do I go on from here?

So my ex broke up with me last week. I felt so awful. I loved that person so much, never once set out to hurt her, all I wanted was to give her the happiness I thought she deserved. In her breakup text she said how she felt she didn’t make me happy anymore, she immediately blocked me on everything without even giving me the chance to say goodbye. It didn’t make sense because not only was I happy but I made damn sure to show how much she meant to me.

I was blocked but I still decided to try the no contact stuff, try better myself, and it was going ok, I wasn’t as sad anymore. But I definitely wanted her back.

However, In the last hour a mutual friend who I trust dearly came to me. They showed me evidence, proof whatever you want to call it that she had been talking to another guy for at least 2 months (that was the oldest message I saw). I’ve never been cheated on. It’s a new feeling and it’s horrible.

the worst part is I suspected it. I had a gut feeling, I even got the right guy. When I did bring it up to her around a month the fire storm I got back was huge. I was made to feel so awful, so horrible for mistrusting her. But now it seems... I was right.

i just went about deleting all photos of her and one thing that caught my eye while doing this was something she said 2 days before she ended it in the harsh way she did. She was talking about how she was sure I was the one and talking about all the stuff we’d spend our lives doing... fully knowing what she up to with another guy and I suspect knowing what she’d do in just 2 days time.

im not really sure what question I’m asking. It’s a new feeling to me and I’m scared and hurt, I’m not afraid to admit it. How can somebody do this to another person? I never once mistreated her. I never begged, never chased. Nothing. I just wanted to share my happiness with another and I thought I’d found that person and now I’m just left here alone and shattered to pieces.
She cheated... how do I go on from here?
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