Life, futurex breakups?

Hey all

I just wanted to know how to deal with a potential break up from the other half who only seems to get cold feet at 29 years old when his original plan was to plan to pay off his debt, start saving for a mortgage and then he gets a bonus and retracts to be with me, spends it all on crap and then expects me to do stuff for him, he says he doesn't want to be with me, and doesn't pay off debt. Surely at the age of 29 he should be saving for a future even if its not with me. Please give love and relationship advice, no negative.
4 mo
Its just sad that we had it all going well and he changed after we moved back to our parents to save up and then a bonus comes in and he reverts back to being a dick. My mum believes its because he doesn't want to jump into buying but instead spend it.
Womens body clocks are limited and i know i could probably do better but when its just us.. alone with no one to talk to or be around he wants it all. Then someone puppets him how to not have that with me and steals my dream
Life, futurex breakups?
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