Did her mission make her feel she did nothing wrong?

My ex and I have had two very difficult and intense break ups though out the last handful of years, due to our religious differences.
When we first broke up, we were 19 & 18 respectfully. She ended things because she couldn't marry me to her church traditions because I wasn't part of it. She didn't explain it, and shared she thought about it for awhile, but still let me take her family out the night before.
This was followed by her taking out her frustrations on me the one time we interacted after the break up. She claimed injury her and was extremely mean and made hurtful comments about our relationship during that conversation.

Somehow we reconnected 5 months later and dated again. She said she wasn't going to let the religious stuff come between us. She said she always harbored regret and disappointment with herself for how she handled the breakup and conversation.
But she had already committed to a mission, and she did the same thing she had done before. She pushed me away, stopped saying she loved me because she needed to 'detach' for her mission. She said that the pre mission changed her mind and we couldn't be married. Then wouldn't acknowledge what she was doing to me, but still acted like she didn't do any of that. While on her mission, she broke up with me, and tried several times to convert me.
When we confronted each other when she came back, she insisted once more she did absolutely nothing wrong and cast the blame on me for everything.
Was it her mission that makes her feel she did nothing wrong, a d since it was for God and what not, it is ok?
The mission made her think it's ok
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4 mo
*she said I hurt her. Not injured. Because of the breakup
Did her mission make her feel she did nothing wrong?
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