Why do I still miss him after all of this?

Hey everyone! We were dating for 3 months consistently (would be 6 but I broke with him in January, and he came back late February)... We have also know each other for about 2 years... He’s introduced me to his close partners, friends, even his son. We go on “day trips”+ dates and have lots of fun, and the most we have every done is French kiss (I am waiting for marriage).

Here’s the kicker: He is 37(15 years my senior (I am 21), and he told me he was in debt the first date + has hinted at wanting to meet my boss (who is very prestigious) for a meeting) an divorcee, The cause of the divorce “he said” was that it all started when he got caught flirting with a girl, and his wife cheated on him (they tried to salvage the marriage, but it didn’t work”. And that it would take a lot to get him to be “tied down” now, after I asked... I’ve been on business 6 hours away for 4 weeks (a few more days left ) and we got into a petty argument where I told him we need time to “cool off” and he says that he wants to get to know me more before he commits, which I think is complete BS since he should know by now..

After, we made small convo and I let him know I made it back to our state, it was small talk... I contacted him about 2 weeks later (3 days ago) about something small, then ended it with " Well, I hope you have a great rest of your day"... So I log on to Instagram yesterday with two women (one his friend who's married + her friend) saying "with a caption that stated something w/ "beautiful women"... I blocked him after that. Did I make the right decision?
Why do I still miss him after all of this?
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