Will my ex ever get over me?

I broke my last girlfriends heart when i broke up with her, and i feel a bit bad about it.

Two years ago while on was on the rebound i met a woman who was on one too, so we both agreed nothing serious, just a bit of fun.
Soon we found ourselves in a routine, and decided to go monogamous. However to me, this was never forever, this relationship was just for this part of my life while getting back on my feet.

A month in i told her of my future plans, that didn't include her, and she got really upset saying she doesn't know she can be with me anymore if that's how i feel. Me not having a spine at the time, panicked and lied, telling her what she wanted to hear. I needed her at this moment of my life, and i really regret from that point lying to her and leading her on.

A year into our relationship (last year), i pulled out of it. The last 3 months she became more argumentative, and after the 2nd/3nd time she hit me, i planned my escape, moving my stuff out, and then broke up with her over the phone half way across the country.

Again, spineless and scared of not knowing how to handle her. She didn't hit me hard, but i knew there was nothing i could do to defend myself; the police are trained to just take the man away in domestic disputes.

She was furious i broke up with her this way, and threatened to destroy me. Out of fear i kept in contact with her, with her jumping back and forth from hating me to loving me, staying "friends" out of hope we'd get back together. When i realised after another bout of hating me that this isn't going to settle, i broke contact. I learnt you can't be friends with an ex if feelings got involved.

6 months after i cut ties, about 5 months ago she sent me a final email that was closure for her, processing what happened and telling me how she's moved on (though in-between the lines of her messages i doubt she has). I sent a reply and she didn't respond.

Will she ever truly be able to move on, or have i permanently damaged her?
Will my ex ever get over me?
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