Girls, What is going on with my ex girlfriend? Any insights?

I don't know how to go into this without covering every little thing. Long distance relationship ended a couple months after we spent three days in person together. she said she couldn't prioritize me, didn't feel that fire for me. This was a week or so after she said she was falling for me.. I tried to be her friend, it was going well, we talked, joked, sent memes.
I fucked up by agreeing to be her friend.. I love her and I came off as needy sometimes. Finally, when I got the hint that she was pulling back I told her I wasn't over her. That I couldn't do the friend thing and wished her the best.
Two weeks later I caved. We are still friends on FB. A week after I stopped talking to her she posted about a date, said she'd had an allergic reaction to something, and if she didn't have bad luck she'd have no luck. I didn't buy it.. also didn't say anything for another week.
The night before I had seen her dating profile was still up, I'd unmatched her but wanted to see if she still had it. It was up. Next day I texted her. It was brief but she didn't tell me to fuck off. But she still didn't seem like she wanted to talk to me. I was coming on way too strong again. But, later that night I checked her dating page again and she had deleted it.
Tonight, her best friend liked something I posted about a TV show we all watch then posted a status about the show, which I commented on. My ex commented on it an hour or so later, which notified me [FB] then she quickly deleted it. What the hell is going on? LOL When I told her I wasn't over her she said the same thing as when we broke up, that I needed someone who would prioritize me and it wasn't her.
Thing is, I dont. I just care about her and want her in my life. But I've got my own shit going on. Also in a text last week I'd asked [after we talked about me going out with friends] if she had done any fun shit lately. She said she was going to a swing dance lesson that night. No specifics. I don't know man, I just need some clarity.
Girls, What is going on with my ex girlfriend? Any insights?
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