Is this the reason everything went the way it did?

I dated this girl for about 5 months towards the end of high school. As well as we got along, she broke us up because she was Mormon and didn't think we'd work out since I would not convert.
After two years and a few intense conversations where the last one she said I didn't have a place in her life, she reached out to me saying that her holy spirit told her to reach out to me.
After a few weeks of talking, she informed me she was going on a mission and we wouldn't be able to be together. At that point I told her I had loved her and she instead tried to keep me around.
We talked though our issues and I tried her church but I told her I still wouldn't convert. She told me she loved me and she'd try to make it work. We dated for another 4 months, and before she left I asked her to marry me.
She went in her mission and pushed me away and eventually ended things. I wrote her 3 times trying to fix our relationship, and during the second time, she told me she changed and she couldn't be with me. I told her she only believes that because of the mission and the environment she's in. She agreed and said I knew her better than anyone and I knew her heart.
She wouldn't acknowledge me after she came back and when I ran into her she blamed everything on me and she walked off on me.
Someone mentioned that she was in love with me and she was willing to break the rules of her religion to be with me. But being on that mission reaffirmed her beliefs and she broke up with me.
Cause now she's engaged and it's been 7 months since she came home.
Did going on that mission put her where she was supposed to be? Or something?
I just don't understand why we got back together if nothing was gonna change.
I'm still in love with her and this is eating me alive.
The mission put her where she was supposed to be
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She's gonna learn her religion is wrong
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Is this the reason everything went the way it did?
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