Will they eventually reach out?

Ok long story short me and my partner of 1 year just broke up, (I got dumped) they had blocked my number I ended up getting a texting app so I started texting them on there and they would tell me how they hated me and didn’t care and to leave them alone so at that point I did... I’m really close to the family so I was with the mom the next day and my ex comes up to me and says hi like nothing happened and I said “I thought u hated me” and they said “ only sometimes when you get me mad” but They we’re laughing about it, and I was taken back I didn’t expect for them to talk to me. later that day I find out I’m unblocked so I was like ok maybe they do want to be my friend after all so I start getting in my head a little and text them asking what was up with everything and now... I’m blocked again
Yes, give it time
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Will they eventually reach out?
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