My ex wants to see his son but did I do the right thing?

Okay my exbf and i have a baby together Tanner. While i was pregnant with tanner, my ex was physically and verbally abusive towrds me. I've finally had enough of it and filed a restraining order on him for 2 years. Well since 1 year is up, HE MESSAGED ME WANTING TO SEE US AND CATCH UP.
It made me cringe so hard cause HE THREATENED TO KILL ME AND TANNER MY UNBORN SON AT THE TIME. How can i let that go?
As a mother i dont want my son to be near him.. But i was trying to be nice and let him meet his dad for the first time. It went well though it bothered me because i will never forget about the threat.
So this morning I've texted him back saying i can't let him see tanner anymore and it would be better if my ex moves on from us and never see tanner again.
Of course he was mad but that a**hole never apologized for what he did!
Did i do the right thing by not letting him be in tanners life anymore? He kinda did made effort to talk to us but im scared to leave tanner alone with him.
My ex wants to see his son but did I do the right thing?
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