HELP: Should I call her?

11 year relationship: Everything started off amazingly. We, after year one, seemed inseparable as we spoke about kids and marriage. She is from NY and me, CT. After college and going after our careers, it was decided by both that it'd be best if I moved to NY so we can live together. Almost instantly, about 5 months in, issues started! Nothing huge but certainly concerning. To generalize, any issue we had, it was seemingly up to me to figure out a mature resolution and I personally grew tired of always having to initiate the TALKS. Leave it to her and she would never ever bring anything up. That's pretty much the basis of all our big and small fights.

Some key jabs we've thrown at each other throughout our fighting endeavors:

I would say things like: you're bratty, immature, self centered, cowardly, lazy (in other words).

She would say things like: you're vindictive, mean, impatient (subtly).

Of late, over this year and a half, I've moved out and bought my own place back in CT. When we talk on the phone it is quite short and forced. I used our time apart to reevaluate myself and become a stronger career professional. All the while planning our recovery. She has been focused on her work and by her own admission has not put too much thought into getting us in a better place.

As of 5 days ago, we are broken up. We got into it after I brought up doing couples counseling. I became baffled when her response to it was I MEAN, I GUESS I CAN THINK ABOUT EXPLORING THAT... her tone had a huge BUT in it and I naturally inquired further. To fast forward, I left that night and two days later called her to let her know that I didn't want this to end the way it did. She, in short, was unsure and I proceeded to remind her of the good times and offer more ways for us to work on us. She ultimately said she just can't see it happening. She doesn't want to be bothered.

Tonight, after her saying she needed time to think, I'm suppose to call her. Should I?
HELP: Should I call her?
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