What is your advice on possibly getting an ex back, when it seems unsalvageable?

This is long so thank you so incredibly much to whoever sticks with me here.

So.. my Ex (24) and I (recently just turned 23) were together for 6 months. Technically 8 but the past two months is when everything hit the fan and went downhill. The relationship started off amazing of course. We met online , and after the initial meet up we totally hit it off , and had unexpected chemistry. The entire week was packed full of dates and was just a breeze. I met his family and some friends and he met my mom within the first month of dating. We spent almost every night together , (sleepovers, take out, etc,) which I’m now realizing is not necessarily healthy, BUT I was perfectly okay with it at the time. The first 6 months were great (talks of moving in together, making it known that we were on the same page when it came to feelings, etc) but not perfect of course. We did have our fights. Which I’m now realizing was probably due to the lack of space we were giving each other. I unfortunately let the dude become my world. Which leads me to the chaos...

Approaching our 7th month together, at the beginning of May I attended a concert with my best friend and mom and we went out for drinks after. When we arrived at the bar my friend and I saw many old friends of ours that we caught up with (yes, they were males, but it was completely innocent.)

4 mo
The following day (Sunday) arrives and my ex is acting out of character. I wasn’t hearing from him for all day , so I ended just messaging him myself the next day and he’s acting odd. I mention something about the night I was out and he brings to my attention the apparently there was a bystander there that so happened to know my ex , who saw me chatting with these old friends and obviously got the wrong idea of what was actually happening. He assumed the worst and told my ex that I was “out with
What is your advice on possibly getting an ex back, when it seems unsalvageable?
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