His mates keep adding me on social media why is this happening?

So basically this guy ended things with me over something so pathetic
I did ask if we could meet up and speak like adults about it to try solve things and he refused to FYI I done literally nothing wrong

I then blocked him on my social media as he kept viewing my stories which I found weird when he ended it with me yet wouldn't meet me
He then blocked my number ( I could tell via WhatsApp )

I then keep getting his mates adding me on social meida
I find the whole thing frankly immature & weird what on earth is going on why are his mates adding me? is this like a lad thing or something im so confused?

( Its been a month now since his ended things with me )
It actually also really hurts cause I miss him so much so its a massive mind fuck for me
4 mo
I blocked his mates on IG - I didn't want them seeing what I was up to as well he ended it with me But one of his mates I recognised & so I sent a polite message and said as me and your mate are no longer seeing one an other it doesn't seem right for me to allow you on my IG - I hope you understand & that I really did fancy him and thought he was so much fun - but I don't know what happened its such a shame thanks and take care

Then today my ex has gone and unblocked me on WhatsApp very weird
His mates keep adding me on social media why is this happening?
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