Can a sociopath or narcissist truly care for someone?

I was seeing this guy who love bombed me and then got inconsistent and would not keep plans with me. We started out having a deliberate conversation that we were going to be in a relationship. But over time things turned into fuck buddies. I let it stay casual hoping it would get better again but it didn't. Yet whenever I would try to pull away he'd gaslight me and have me thinking I was crazy or to blame. Say things like you belong to me. Then he'd go back to saying he wanted something serious with me.

I eventually found out about his girlfriend and pulled away for good. I thought it was terrible that he was cheating on her with me and while she was pregnant and miscarried his child. He got very angry with me when I said I found out and tried to get me to call him. I also found out he gave me hsv1. In the beginning when I thought we were in a monogamous relationship I had unprotected sex with him. Also because he said he wanted a family and marriage with me. All turned out to be lies. I was dumb for believing him but I learned a lesson. Most likely he was having sex with both of us unprotected.

My question is do you think it's possible for him to have real feelings for his girlfriend? Did he lie and want to use me because of something wrong with me? I guess I wonder why he chose me to shit on. Sometimes I feel like his girlfriend is in a better position than me. At times I still wish he'd cared for me. The whole situation has left me feeling bad about myself.
Can a sociopath or narcissist truly care for someone?
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