How to make a right decision?

Why would my ex girlfriend asked me if I really want her to be with other men? I do still care about her and I care that she is hurt.
She cheated on me in our early relationship through text and she told me she only did that because she had doubts in our relationship. I didn't break up with her that time but a lot of men tends to hit on to her and I'm constantly angry and scared that she might cheat on me again. She told me she wasn't talking to any men again since then or flirt with other men. She spend her savings on me to try make me feel secure but I still get constantly scared. I broke up with her because I feel like I don't want to live with fear all the time. How should I feel that she is really committed to me after she cheated on me? She's asking me to give her another chance but I'm not sure. She's telling me that she really loves me and care about me. What should I Do?
How to make a right decision?
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