Help. How do I get this to go away?

I've still been trying to get over my break up in October, but it's been hard. We dated for 3 years and she decided she couldn't date me and miss out on the parts of her religion that mattered.
I went through the first half of the year with hope she's change her mind but I found out she was seeing someone else and I'm confident they are engaged already.
I've been heartbroken for weeks, but I thought I was moving past it. But last night, I had several dreams about her. That we'd talk it out and made up, but I woke up from those dreams a mess because today would have been our anniversary.

I know I need to move on, but nothing I do is making the hurt go away. I deeply loved this girl and I gave her everything I had, and she threw it all away.
What can I do?
Help. How do I get this to go away?
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