Why is my heart still aching for him, for us?

Hey everyone! I am 22 grad. student and he is a 38 divorcee with a 9 year old child. Were dating for 3 months consistently (would be 8 but I broke with him in January, and he came back late February). We have also know each other for about 2 years. I was introduced to his partners, friends, even his son. We went on “day trips”+ dates and have lots of fun (we got along great), and the most we did was French kiss.
... I was on business 6 hours away for 5 weeks, and after petty argument where I told him we need time to “cool off” via text (he literally never called/Face-timed me unless I initiated).
After, I told him that I am not willing to wait on him/his commitment any longer, and he said that he needs more face to face time before he commits, and how he's always timid + passive at first, which I think is complete BS after we literally went on over 10 dates.
Once I made it back to our state, it was small talk... And I contacted him about 2 weeks later (last week) about something small, and he was talkative, but didn't hint at meeting up, so I ended it with "Well, I hope you have a great rest of your day"... So I log on to Instagram yesterday with two women "with a caption that stated something w/ "beautiful women" w/ his friend who is married and her friend (who has VERY similar features to me)... I unfollowed him after that *washed my hands*. And we have not spoke in 10 days.
Why is my heart still aching for him, for us?
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