Avoidant girl just broke things off - do they ever come back?

Few nights ago talking on the phone I mentioned how she was the person I was hooking up with and she started feeling weird after that. Told me other night that she decided she was not into me because of a guy from 2 years ago, who she no longer speaks with and never dated, and that it had been part of ruining every relationship since. She realized three nights ago, and it "hit her like a brick". I know the last two weeks she's been working at a new job, which she hates and which is super super stressful for her. That she had been commuting for like an hour and living on someone's couch because she couldn't get into her apartment until this past weekend. And I was pretty pushy about figuring out thest these plans for this week, partially because I had other plans with friends in her same town, and actually needed to figure out where I was staying—I was going to hang out and crash with her for tonight.

Based on past experiences, while I don’t expect anything to happen or change, i wouldn’t be exactly shocked either. I’ve had situations before we’re we hung out and she was surprised by how much fun she had or how into what we were doing she was and so on, even if she understood before that we had a good connection. Like extremely surprised, but in a good way... i've never actually seen that with anyone before, except for myself...

Does this sound like avoidancy, or just a plain old lack of feelings - and something that could change...
Avoidant girl just broke things off - do they ever come back?
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