Does she have a reason to be mad?

I casually dated this co-worker of mine for a month, but she said after one date she couldn't commit to a relationship with me because it was unfair to me. She then said she still lived with her ex boyfriend. I said I didn't want to date her in that situation. Especially after she would tell me she was trying weed. That's just how I was at the time.
She got back together with her ex not long after that anyway, and I wound up dating my ex again, but the co-worker would tell me I didn't know what I was missing.
After a year, the co-worker broke up with her boyfriend and I had moved into a new job. But she kept messaging me asking to hang out and would booty call me. But I was still dating my ex.
I unfortunately would break up with my girlfriend after we couldn't overcome some religious issues because she was mormon.
The co-worker siezed her opportunity, and started messaging me all the time. I told her I needed some time to be over my ex first. She got mad and I stopped talking to her.
After a few months, she messaged me again. I explained I was hurt that my ex tried to convert me and thought I would convert. But the now former coworker had decided to convert to the Mormon religion and tried to do the same thing to me.
I told her I wasn't interested and she's a terrible person for ignoring what happened with my ex in the same situation.
Then she unloaded on me, saying I was being difficult and constantly playing hard to get and playing games with her.
At that point I blocked her
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Does she have a reason to be mad?
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