Lost her and it sucks?

I've lost my girlfriend of a long time :( she started becoming distant, cancelling dates and being uninterested in me. It sucks. I still love her even though she's started talking to a new guy. It hurts so bad and I can't cope anymore. Everyday has been the same since the last three months we broke up :( I don't see no bad in her, I miss the times we had together, the fun etc. I know she didn't treat me right at the ed, because she wanted out and didn't have the courage to break up with me so I had to agree to let go in the end. It was getting me down too and I know it was getting her down.
Do you think she even thinks about me? Wonders if I've moved on etc? I know I think abiut her so much but if she emotionally lost interest would she even care abiut me anymore?
I know I have zero chance of getting her back , I just struggle with knowing she can find a replacement so fast
Lost her and it sucks?
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