Is my mom a bitch or no?

My mom to me seems quite entitled. She gets mad at anybody not doing stuff her way and when anyone would do something not her way (including my stepdad) she would get mad and try to play victim and make it all about her and basically throws a temper tantrum, even if it gets done perfectly. She also was a jerk to me and my siblings verbally, she would constantly berate us no matter what we did, we also were constantly made fun and we’re always the butt of most jokes and then when we would say something about it she would say “grow up, I’m just giving you shit” and if you still said you didn’t like she would throw a temper tantrum and make it all about her and made out to be the victim. She also to me seems like she’s hates men, she would even give me or my brother praise for anything, it would always be like “good for you” in the most flat, uncaring voice, but yet gave my sisters all the love and attention they could desire. When I told her I got a girlfriend she was like “you don’t need a girlfriend, you don’t need one” and just blah blah blah. I brought her over one time and she told me that she heard my mom say to herself “whore”. Needles to say I never brought her back over when my mom was around. Even to my stepdad she’s a bitch to, she gets mad at anything he does and always yells at him and then when he argues back she again, makes it all about her and plays victim, and he’s not a bad person at all, I love him more than my own dad and he’s a better dad too. But she just wants, wants, wants but is never willing to give, she’s always rude and nasty towards my brother, my stepdad and I. And she just acts like she hates guys, her description for most guys is “asshole” and she even tries to get her friends who have husbands who don’t cut off an arm and leg for them to divorce them and find someone “better” even though most their husbands are pretty nice and enjoyable to be around and aren’t bad people.

Is my mom a bitch? Or am I just overreacting?
Is my mom a bitch or no?
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