I dreamt about my ex who ghosted me again... It was so annoying?

My ex boyfriend ghosted me since March, we have no contacts. Everything is getting better with the time.. last month I visited my best friend and met my ex by chance. It was clear that my relationship was over.. I grabbed his arm and he push me away, and walked away... That was the first time I saw him after we broke up. I never thought about him again. Last night I dreamt about him.. he asked me to grab my favourite food for my birthday (next week) I am so glad that he is back. But when I woke up it was so annoying because I want to... get over :(

It's like everything is gone, like I never got him out of my mind :(
It was not the first time that I dreamt about him...

Does it mean that I still miss him and deep down still hope that he will come back right?

The reason he ghosted me in my opinion is:: I left him first (I had to move to another city because of my study's problem) after I told him I had to move, he was upset and disappear.. lol
I accepted that part because I can't do anything, college is more important..

I kept myself busy so I dont have time to think about hithat much
It works.. until I dreamt about him.. this time was the third or forth time I can't remember

What should I do?
I dreamt about my ex who ghosted me again... It was so annoying?
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