Why is my ex lying to me?

so when my ex and i broke up, we blocked each other on everything. a few months go by i was playing xbox with one of my friends, who had him on xbox still, and he joined our game off her account. he messaged her asking if i blocked him because he wanted to “see if i was okay”. she gave him my new number and we started talking a little bit. now im very big on lying, it doesn’t matter how big a lie it is or how small, i think everyone should be open and honest when asked about something and he knows that damn well. i asked him if he was down to play later that night, and he told me no, that he had to go somewhere tomorrow and he has to go to bed. then while i was playing by myself, guess who i see online. you guessed it him. so why come back to me begging my friend for my number, asking me if im okay and want to be friends if he's just gonna sit there and lie to me?
Why is my ex lying to me?
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