How would you feel if you got this?

I was with this guy for 3 years during high school. It has been 2 years since we had broken up. We recently had a drunk hookup together it was terrible and awkward but I’ve realized we are meant to be. Would it be crazy to send this to him? Or do you think I should and just get my point across.

“I don’t know if you feel the same. But I do know how I feel and the only thing I can do is tell you. We were young and dumb. I wanted to find out who I was meant to grow up to be before putting all my effort into a relationship. I have now found my path and where I want to be headed in my life but I simply can’t see myself doing it without you. I know a lot of time has passed and we have both changed but I love you for who you are not who you were. I dated around and tried my options to make sure it was you and it always was and still is. I know I may have hurt you and I know you have hurt me too but I needed to get through all this time to realize you’re the one I want to be with. I have never been this sure about you but I have finally come to terms with it. I cannot explain why. You have changed but the you I know is still there. Your quirky, unpredictable, bold personality is still the same and it’s something I haven’t seen in anyone else. I may just be crazy and if so then well be it. But if I am not and you feel the same way then I am open to new adventures if you are.”
How would you feel if you got this?
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