What can I do to bring the sunshine in my life back to me?

I had a fantastic thing on with someone that was really into me. We literally spoke every hour of the day and she would call me for an hour at a time. She couldnt get enough of talking to me. She is faithful, and we were in love. On Sunday after she went out and said she had one of the best nights ever without me it made me a bit insecure and brashly I told her. She started distancing herself where I tried to correct it. I didn't smother her with messages, but kept apologizing and tried to get on the same track. I tried to explain it wasn't her not talking to me it was that it felt like she wasn't herself with me. She blocked me on the Monday. I sent her a sms telling her to enjoy her day and she was training someone so good luck with the training. She said she's in love with me and we planned so many things together. My job didn't work out so this added insecurity as if i wasn't good enough. I have left her alone but she has not spoken to me since. Ladies, if I was the fourth guy she slept with and she said when she blocks someone she's over them if I give her space do you think she will contact me again
we were so in love and it feels like my world has crashed All I want to do is get her back but know if I say anything it will doom any chance of that. She makes me so happy and most woman find me very attractive, but I dont want anyone I just love hearing about her day, finding out more about her and having silly conversations. She is the most magical person I've met and i will literally stand naked on the freeway or give away a kidney to make her smile again. I feel broken, but I have been exercising sorting out loose ends and trying to get myself together as we never have argued or fought before. I feel terrible for acting upset cause she danced with another guy. I'm not the jealous type and I hadn't slept the night before as I slept on a couch.
What can I do to bring the sunshine in my life back to me?
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