Is this #DumpersRemorse, was breaking up with him the right decision?

I am 22 (grad student) ... He's 38, a divorcee with an 8 year old son... We've know each other for a bit over a year (mutual friends) and recently have been "on and off" since last October (consistent since March, I cut if off since he became VERY inconsistent in the beginning)... So obviously the relationship has naturally progressed now, and I began hinting at commitment, but he told me that he'd want to spend more time with me, but definitely was willing to commit in the future.. I even met his business partners and son already.

The kicker: After a small argument (via text) stated I state I'm not going to wait for me to give me what I want/ need and said we need time “to cool off” since it was my last week on my 5 week business trip after that week... After, we made small convo and let him know I made it back to our state. After, the awkward convo, about 2 weeks later I reached out again (another short convo), and just ended it with " Well, I hope you have a great rest of your day"... So the NEXT day I see he posted a picture online w/ two beautiful women on his left and right, so unfollowed him on all social media (like blocked and unblocked, so he's not following me)... Haven't talked to him in over TWO (really 4 weeks, besides from that small little convo).
Update: Everywhere I go I see so many things that remind me of him, his car, scent, music, heck even his lip shape (we only french kissed, I am celibate).
Is this #DumpersRemorse, was breaking up with him the right decision?
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