Why did he say this?

So there’s this guy I was getting to know for a few months, we became super close, he opened up to me emotionally, we were comfortable around each other, had a lot in common, had a lot of sexual tension & just clicked.

However, things recently came to an end as I said I was stepping back from the situation as his ex has recently came back into the picture & I won’t be a backup plan.

We used to talk a lot on snapchat as well as send snaps & have been each other’s best friend on there for the last few months. The other morning I woke up to a snap from him saying ‘we will always be best friends on here’. The message was random as we hadn’t spoken in days, when I proved further he said ‘I just looked at my Snapchat and you was still top 😘’ I tried to shut down the conversation quickly, but he started recommending I listen to a band he has recently became super interested in.

What was his comment about? And to say ‘we will always’ after I had said I was stepping away from the situation kind of begs to differ he thinks I’m sticking around
Why did he say this?
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