Girls, what should I do with a gift bought before the breakup?

I was casually seeing someone who made it clear he was not ready for a relationship so we slowed things down until he came over drunk one night crying about his gm dying and telling me he wanted to do girlfriend boyfriend stuff. We spent the night talking and just enjoying each others company again. Since his birthday was coming up I purchased something very personal and non-refundable - A first edition book by one of his favorite authors. I told him that I bought him something special and he seemed ok with it. Few days later when I texted him to ask how his GM was he was again drunk and back tracked again and said he didn't want anything serious and was just drunk and so we decided to just end it completely but in an amicable way. I did tell him about his gift and said I will send it to you regardless.
But that same day he calls me drunk saying he will miss me and wanted to hear my voice. But the next day but he is sober and completely aloof and distant. So I told him listen don't drunk text me anymore - this is ridiculous.
So he drunk calls me AGAIN and says how much he liked me and appreciated me and will miss me and he doesn't know why I cared about him so much and he doesn't want to hook up with random girls but he's not sure how much he can give me. I told him I think he has a drinking problem because being drunk this often in one week and waffling back and forth did not seem healthy to me and I asked him to delete my number. He apologized and agreed to delete my number so that he was not tempted to contact me again.
Now I am sitting here wondering what do I now do with this very thoughtful gift that can't be returned and will not mean much to anyone else. His birthday is exactly 5 weeks from now and we live around the corner from one another.
Girls, what should I do with a gift bought before the breakup?
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