Why my guy friend pulling away from me? Why he stopped being clingy?

I am about to quit from work and go for better workplace. And I am keeping my feelings for my coworker and we are good friend though. But now we are no longer spend time together and no longer close. So I befriend with another guy who I have no feelings for him. I just like to spend time with him since we got chemistry.

I missed my clinginess with the first guy. I don't know why he pulling away after months we were always together. And now he thought me and the new guy has something since he like to tease me and the new guy. But the truth is, it actually nothing and we being good friend just like me and him before.

I am thinking, when I no longer working there, should I confess to the old friend and let him know my true feelings after all this time? Or should I just move on and forget about him and see him just as friend?

I thought he could likes me because the way he sending me all the mixed signals but then when he pulling away, it makes me upset. It all started after people keep teasing us. He keep deny us and said that we are not fit. If that so, why would he like to emotionally bond with me before? He care about me, I knew it because he told me. But I am not sure if he ever attracted to me or see me as more than friend. I am confused.
Why my guy friend pulling away from me? Why he stopped being clingy?
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