Is this a sign or just coincidence?

I believe in Law Of Attraction and it's worked for me in the past. I had a high school Boyfriend and we were good, but the toxic relationship with my mom and me hating myself and relying on him to make me happy, really became toxic. We split up and its been 4 years since.

Lately, I've really been wanting a second chance with him as I've grown and changed so much. Last I know he was in a relationship and I wouldn't get in the way of that. He has responded to my snaps months ago and it seems he still cares some bit. Anyways, I was driving and saw a license that said 5D Now. When I got closer to the car the license boarder was to the school he went to. This is a private school hard to get into and it's for aviation. On FB it shows recommended people and usually his girlfriend is on that page and it used to say 1 mutual friend and it was my ex. Now, it doesn't show we have a mutual friend but her profile pic is still of her and him, and I'm still friends with him on FB. Maybe they broke up? Maybe they're still together? I don't know. Also a month ago he unfriended me on Snap but kept me on FB. On one of my texts siri changed it to Amos even tho I wrote that's cute or sweet, which Amos is oneTwelve Minor Prophets. Also my ex is jewish. Is this all a sign or just a coincidence?
Is this a sign or just coincidence?
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