Is she a cheater by nature?

So when we first met I could tell she was giving me the eye. So asked her to smoke and I whipped my member out and asked if she wanted to suck it. She did... now were having problems because she has a friend at work she’s close with and they do coke and smoke weed in the walk in and other places around work. My buddy that worked there felt the need to tell me something was weird. She said they are just friends and he’s moved to Richmond to be with his baby momma... I I’ve asked her and him and they both deny it. Some co-workers say they were hooking up and she was doing sexual favors... What do you think? She a libra Virgo cusp. Sept 22. I’m Capricorn Jan 7th.
4 mo
We had a three sum not to long after and I caught her sending nudes to her friend saying it was for “catfish purposes”
Is she a cheater by nature?
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