How should I deal with the fear of a break up?

Six months ago I got to know a guy that soon became one of my greatest friends ever! A month ago he confessed to me and told me he loved me and I very much felt the same way. Even before this confession I relied on him and he is now so extremely important to me that I get anxiety just thinking about him ever breaking up with me. I have no reason to believe that we're heading towards that direction, but I can't help but thinking "what if" and overthinking eveything.

This constant fear is driving me crazy and I hate it so much. I haven't told him about it because I don't want him to think that I doubt him... Because I really don't. I trust him with my whole heart, but this is eating me from the inside. I wouldn't know what to do if he left me. I'm still not used to feeling appreciated so I think that is the problem. I don't take anyone for granted, not even the people I know love me the most.

Do you guys have any tips to change this toxic mindset?
How should I deal with the fear of a break up?
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