What’s your opinion on this?

To be honest I hate when people say “if someone really wanted to talk to you they would” or “if he cared, he would call” “if he really missed you he’d call”. To me, life doesn’t always work like that and it isn’t so black and white. I’ve hurt people and people have hurt me. When I’ve been the one to hurt someone, depending on the person, I’ve missed them for months and still didn’t reach out. Doesn’t mean I didn’t care. It just means I either don’t have guts to, i think the same toxic shit will happen or that there’s just no going back. I’ve talked to other guys and still miss some that I previously spoke to and had a long history with. I still didn’t reach out.

I don’t like when people keep insisting that someone needs to reach out in order to care. Men and women reach out to people whom they DONT care about so I don’t think communication equals caring.

What do you think?
What’s your opinion on this?
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