Was I supposed to call her?

After almost two years, my girlfriend and I got back together. We originally broke up because of our conflicting religions. Her being a strong a dedicated Mormon and me being a strict athiest.
We've been very excited to be back together and she fully believes we were supposed to be together and God put me in her life for a reason.
But one this she is still deeply bitter on and holds against me is that she thought I would have called her during this two years at some point.
She delt me a devastating break up for the difference in religion after I took her and her family to a baseball game and took her out on her 'dream date'. She wanted to be friends but I was so in love and hurt by her, I told her I didn't and that was where the conversation ended.
She thought within a week or two I would have called, she even hoped I'd call for almost a year.
But I didn't let go of my anger towards her until a few months before she reached out to me to get back together.
Was I supposed to have called her? Was this something I was supposed to do all this time?
I should have called her
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Was I supposed to call her?
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