My fiance and I can't move pass her rape because I don't believe her? (please read before judging me)?

I love my fiancee and where 3 months pregnant with our first child we have a home and everything is great except one big issue.

A few months ago before we got engaged and moved in to another state I was away and she asked me to hang out with a friend. I never really had any issues with her friends even guys so I told her have fun.

Turns out it was her on again off again abusive ex I asked her why the hell she was out with him off all people and that it looked shady. she claims he blackmailed her by telling her if she didn't go out he was going to call her moms ex who has a restraning order to because he tried to kill her mom which is serious stuff.

I dont believe her because she claims he abussed her in a park and said he was gonna take her to his home and she started calling her friends until her good friend lets call him brenden answered and she just said"hey lets hang out meet me at x house where on our way"

brenden said she seemed fine not in any distress at all and she was joking just normal with everyone She says she didn't tell me and tried to cover it up because her rapist dad is a cop and if I did something to him she was afraid of me going to prison for fighting

She hasn't pressed charges at all we keep fighting over this she is undergoing therapy but I just simmer in my anger and I can't help but to blame her for it because she couldve called me or the cops.

I feel terrible for doubting a victim since its not right but this situation screams she was out there cheating on me and is using rape to cover up her mistake.

I confronted the guy and he just ran away and she recieved messaged from text now app reading "I know you told I told you not to tell" and only him her and I know both her old phone and the situation but she couldve constructed this very easily.

on one hand I dont believe her but on the other hand what if its true and if I take her back to her moms and break up he might come for her and do something worse.
My fiance and I can't move pass her rape because I don't believe her? (please read before judging me)?
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