I don’t know if we’re broken up, or if he’s just taking space to calm down?

My boyfriend of 3 years sat me down on Wednesday to tell me he didn’t know what he wanted. He said he needed space, he then made remarks that we’re incompatible, that he finds me unbearable to meet up with, and that he even needs to go and go find himself on his own. I got up during the conversation because he said that i need to get help because I’m not happy, and so I agreed but he wasn’t convinced that making a positive change would change the relationship for the better.

I got up and left mid conversation because he went from saying he wasn't happy, to spitefully saying nasty remarks and pushing me away so I chose to walk away. I haven’t since heard from him and haven’t a clue if we are taking space or broken up.

To be honest, this has all come as a major shock. He’s been very unhappy and stressed by college, and not having a good job or friends, but we never had many relationship issues. We had a few recent fights which I can safely say made him feel suffocated, or that I was controlling him, but nothing else happened that can’t be fixed.

Last week he asked me to move away with him. On Monday we celebrated our anniversary and he made it so special. He told me on Sunday he was feeling “numb” because of the stress of college, but then suddenly blamed me for his numbness, even though we were all cuddly and kissy and getting on perfectly.

Should I just give him space or should I assume it’s over? I just feel like if it was properly over, he would’ve contacted me after I left to say he hopes we can stay friends, or that he’s sorry the relationship ended on that note. Some kind of clarity. But he’s just staying quiet, leading me to believe that he just needs space.
I don’t know if we’re broken up, or if he’s just taking space to calm down?
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