Why didn't she ever reach out to me?

I was talking to a girl I used to know from school, and we hit it off as adults and after a few weeks of talking we thought we should meet, and our personalities matched so well.
But during the date she told me she thought she was ready to date again. But she said she thought I was an amazing person and wanted to be with me when she was over things.
We still talked for a few weeks but she got very short and rude. After a day or two, I stopped talking to her and removed her on all social media.
I'm summarizing hard, but still this was over 4 months. We certainly bonded and opened up a lot, and she said I was the best person she's ever met, but she never cared how she made me feel.
If she truly cared as much as she said, wouldn't she have reached out?
Why didn't she ever reach out to me?
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