Would telling her this have changed anything?

I was dating my coworker last year in a casual sense. But after 3 dates, I didn't ask her out again, despite us getting along super well. She then started seeing another co-worker who didn't get along with me.
I left the company a few months later, and the girl was mad I never asked her out again and didn't say bye to her. But I was upset about her dating the other guy and her sister even told me she was only seeing him to make me jealous.
A few months later, she reached out to me and we talked things out. We then dated exclusively for 6 months. But she broke things off because of a different with our religions. She said she wanted to end things before we got too serious. I have been really hurt and I had fallen in love with her.
If I told her I was in love with her, would that have changed anything?
Would telling her this have changed anything?
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